Friday, January 30, 2009

"Just keep swimming" quote by Dory from Finding Nemo

Recently the DV Show produced a live web session on the subject "Improve Your Video Business". This session focused on the video business, but the advice could be applied to business in general. Specifically, the concept of keeping things going as business dries up. Several excellent ideas on what to do in becoming leaner, making the most of small opportunities and the best way to advertise.

Excerpts from the website:
Video Business Growth Expert Kris Simmons joined us live for a very informative, interactive Q&A session that went very well. So well, he is set to join us again on another teleconference like this very soon.

Topics discussed:

  • Tips on how a video pro can survive in this economy.
  • Kick starting a down video business.
  • Tips on how to rise above the sea of videographers in your business area.
  • Where to go fishing for new business…networking in the ocean rather than a lake.
  • Questions and comments

The bottom line was to "just keep swimming".