Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick observation: Has Google suddenly started producing more and more stuff?

If you have noticed a lot more "stuff" coming out of Google lately, perhaps you're not alone. Suddenly, after dropping both people and services, Google has come to the table with new off-line features, new applications and targeting mobile device , location based information and the much more.

So why do you think this is happening?

My assumption is they know marketing and how to advertise. You may recall a Hyundai ad from the Superbowl where the other car makers suddenly know how to pronounce Hyundai. You may also have heard that Hyundai sales are up compared to most other car manufacturers. Why? Well it is because like Google they are "in your face" with something you either need or want.

In Hyundai's case it is the safety net of buying a Hyundai and if you lose your job they will take the car back. In Google's case it is providing more for less (free).
If both of these companies gain market share, they know that it may translate into brand loyalty. If that happens, customers tend to stay rather than switch even if something better comes along. Okay, Google doesn't really need more market share, but both companies aren't stupid and know that when times get better they will be able to further improve their business with these new customers.

Bottom line, when the economy gets bad and your customers are hurting - be truthful, do your best, give your customers what they need not what you think they want, and
treat them with respect and compassion.

This falls into the realm of my three life tenets:

To trust and be trusted; to do whatever you do with passion; and be caring for both yourself and others.

As some companies clearly understand, their customers are their last hope to survive.

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