Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Darren Rowse - Why I love twitter?

When Darren Rowse asked his twitter followers "Why do you love twitter?", he received these responses in about one hour. Then of course, made this video.

I love twitter as well. Two of the comments hit home for me. They are - twitter being a massive multi-player instant messaging client and the fact that you get to listen to a huge "over-the-cube-wall" set of conversations.

One thing that I don't understand about the twitter-verse is their negativity towards Robert Scoble's high level of chatter. Are these the same people who while watching TV complain that there is nothing on, yet continue to watch and complain and watch and complain...? Change the channel! Turn it off! OR, listen for the nuggets of information excellence and let the rest drift by.

Sorry, I digress. Enjoy the vid.