Tuesday, June 17, 2008

iPhone is not a Back Page Tech story

Things people wanted from the iPhone but did not get (per Molly Wood on the Buzz Report):

  • Lower monthly fees (not much can be done about this one, since we are between a rock and a hard place if you "really" want the iPhone)
  • video capture (this is a software issue and might be resolved via folks like Qik)
  • 3G Music Downloads (another software issue)
  • Multimedia Messaging (another software issue)
  • Landscape keyboard (another software issue)
  • better camera (this was just stupid on Apple's part, probably one of the easiest fixes they could have made)
  • cut and past (another software issue)
  • stereo bluetooth (Apple is just lame on this one)
  • streaming bluetooth audio (Apple lame again)
  • phone as modem (tethering) (another software issue)
  • voice dialing (another software issue)
  • to-do list (another software issue)
  • 32 GB version (gotta have something for the next release. how soon people forget what happened in the past)
  • haptic feedback (right. why not? battery? mechanics? get over it!)

Software issues, just give Steve Jobs something to announce at the next amazing Apple-centric event. (Perhaps something like this: Apple Announces 3G iPhone! Exclusive!)

After all of this, I will probably switch from my Windows Mobile 6.1 Samsung Blackjack to the iPhone. I am already an AT&T customer and my current 2 year contract is done in July 2008, this means I will probably see no difference in charges or related hardware costs, because my normal upgrade cycle is about every 2 years and typically costs between $100 and $200.

I don't believe that I am alone on this switchover. Currently several situations are coming together to create the perfect gadget storm.

  • Factor 1: Apple computer products are looking better and better as Vista continues to wallow in its own "whatever".
  • Factor 2: the iPhone has produced a "game changing" scenario that most of the other phone manufacturers are now emulating
  • Factor 3: Apple is making the "cloud" a reality for folks who in listening to Microsoft had no idea what the hell they were talking about
  • Factor 4: Apple has learned a major lesson - build your own stuff, but play nice with others. Well at least play nice with the "others" that have things which get you even more sales without you (Apple) needing to come up with a compromise to get them to play, for example Google and the iPhone relationship.

Wouldn't it be interesting if suddenly all the Android efforts were some how also available on an iPhone?

Wouldn't it be interesting if the iPhone becomes not just your phone but replaces your mobile computing platforms (PDA, laptop, e-reader)?

Wouldn't it be interesting if... ?

Oh enough of that. I'm probably completely wrong. But you just never you, you know?