Wednesday, May 21, 2008


As the iPhone made a mobile leap, the XOXO will be the leap for eReaders and small "usable" devices (don't say laptop). If they do a G1G1 program, I would gladly participate.

Details from Christoph Derndorfer's post.

At the much-anticipated press-event that took place at OLPC HQ in Boston earlier today, the organization unveiled its plans for second generation of XO hardware. The XO-2, or XOXO as it's also called, comes with dual-touchscreens which has some tech journalists thinking of the Nintendo DS. As you can see on the photo to your right one of the touchscreens can be used as a keyboard to enable the standard typewriter style of computing.

The XO-2 will make use of displays developed by Pixel Qi which was founded by former OLPC-CTO Mary Lou Jepsen in early 2008.

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