Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jott - call, speak, get more done.

So what is Jott? Bottom line is that it takes speak and translates it to text.
But wait there's more...

How are people using Jott?

I signed up for the Jott beta when it was first announced (next week, Jott turns one year old). However, up until recently I had only used it for the occassional reminder text message. Today, they announced the ability to connect with Google Calendar. Since I use Google Calendar for tracking everything, this is the killer option that makes Jott extremely useful for me.

For others the usefulness lies in the ability to:

- post a blog
- delegate tasks to an individual or a group
- record business expenses and mileage
- create travel and vacation notes
- search for items on
- and much more...

The application works well in its translation and the usage is straight forward with little to remember. The video below is a quick demonstration of how one person uses Jott.

Another online demo of Jott in action is available on the site.

What other bloggers are saying about Jott

Opinion: Jott is yet another link in the chain that is being forged by the various mobile phone application developers. With Google and Microsoft developing more app's for mobile platforms; the Android standard adoption; and the carriers hopping on the open network bandwagon, it is possible we may finally have what is needed for the big shift to always connected, ultra-mobile devices. Look for huge news in Q3 of 2008 for this market.

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