Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bug Labs new concept in mobile device

Bug Labs has recently come back into the news with the announcement of a 2007 Q4 availability for their snap together modular device concept called BUG.

As many have already written about this, it is revolutionary.

Okay, maybe.

Not really. This is a simple concept.

What is revolutionary is that they are making it work! Also, this concept could be taken to areas other than just the entertainment or GPS market. Depending on the plug-ability of hardware and software modules this could extend into the cellphone market; medical devices and the like. To be embraced by the additional markets, miniaturization will be required. However, this shouldn't be a big issue, no pun intended.

To find out more about the company, its members and the concept behind the BUG, checkout their About BUG Labs

To see the various real life modules, hop over to their Flickr photos of the modules.

Opinion: This concept could also help in similar ways to the OLPC program. One Laptop Per Child is attempting to provide low cost, reliable technology to everyone anywhere. The BUG concept lends itself to this as well. Think about a OLPC laptop with plug-able modules. The possibilities are limitless!

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